10 Things You Feel When You Have a Crush on Your BFF

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Waking up one day and realizing that you’ve developed a crush on your BFF is… a lot of things. It’s scary and unnerving, but also a little exhilarating. Because telling them could either be the best or the worst decision you could make. That’s why, up until the point where you decide to either confess your budding love to your bestie, or to try your best to just get over it, you experience this very specific set of emotions:

1. Nervous. You just know that he can sense that something is up with you.

2. Hopeless. It could never work… right? No. But, like, maaaybe.

3. Jealous. You’re not positive that you’ll be able to keep from rolling your eyes out of your head the next time that they gush to you about that new person he’s into.

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4. Butterflies. Which is ugh so strange because he’s your best friend in the world and BFFs aren’t supposed to make one another’s stomachs do flips.

5. Sneaky. Is it completely “bad friend” territory that you’re harboring such a potentially big secret from your official secret-keeper?

6. Conflicted. You either tell him or you don’t, right? So why does it seem like either choice you make has such drastic consequences?

7. Weird. He farts with reckless abandon around you, but you’re oddly still into him. Maybe even more so because of that.

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8. Cliched. Way to become a character straight out of a Hollywood movie!

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9. Alone. Because you’d normally tell your BFFAEAE about all of your crushes, but this one is decidedly off-limits.

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10. Excited. What if everything did happen to go perfectly when you told him?! If that doesn’t get you giddy, then we have no idea what will.

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