10 Tiny Things You Don’t Realize You Do When You Have a Crush

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You already know the millions of things that you do on purpose when you fall in like with someone new. Those things include daydreaming about your new crush 24/7 and asking all of your mutual friends to see if he likes you, too.

But you’ll be glad (or not glad, maybe) to know that there are a whole bunch of other things that you didn’t even know you did! Like these ten, to name a few:

1. Constantly fix your hair. Even when your hair already looks perfectly fine and you’re sort of ruining it by touching it so much.

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2. Start carrying mints. Or, at the very least, strategically avoiding onions, garlic, and all other foods that smell like vom.

3. Memorize his schedule. By accident!

4. Dress super cute every day. “Goodbye sweatpants for the next month. We shall meet again.”

5. Become a pro at staring without being caught. It happens gradually over time, young grasshopper.

Staring Dog

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6. Doodle his initials mindlessly. Next-level doodles are when you include your initials but then scribble over it all so the person sitting next to you doesn’t see.

7. Always look out for him, even when you’re pretty sure he isn’t around. Gotta be on your toes at all times.

8. Accidentally name-drop him in conversations with your friends. You can’t help that you sort of always want to be talking about him.

9. Fall a little in love with quirks of his you’d never noticed before. “Has he always done that little leg shake thing or is this brand new?”

10. Blush any time his name is mentioned. Grrr, cheeks.


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