18 Things You Can Do While Waiting For Your Prince Charming

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I don’t pretend to like Taylor Swift, but I definitely cringed when I heard that Lady Gaga had given her relationship advice on Twitter. Everyone exclaimed that it was “adorable” and “perfect” advice. As a fan of Gaga, I was intrigued. And I was very disappointed:

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh. This is not advice. And this is not cute. Not even a little bit. Have you ever had someone say something like that to you? The whole “Someday your prince will come” bit? It’s really obnoxious. People say things like this as if every single girl is just sitting around, twiddling her thumbs, and waiting for some guy to show up and rescue her. Well, guess what? That’s not happening!

While there are probably some girls who do this, it’s not the majority. No one tells guys, “Oh, don’t worry! Your princess will come!” Why is it so okay to be condescending to single women? When my last relationship ended, people kept telling me I would be okay and that another guy would come around soon. I didn’t want another guy! I wanted to get back to normal and be okay existing as a single woman. But here are some things you can do until some dude shows up on a white horse or something:

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