15 Things You Already Forgot You Did This Summer

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Remember the summer? Like, this past one? The one that is still technically happening, for all of you autumnal equinox purists, but has already really ended, for all intents and purposes, since you’re probably back at school? Yeah. We don’t either. It is no secret that the year of our lord 2016 has been a particularly tough one, overall — what with, I don”t know, the American election, the advent of the Harambe meme and an overall aura of discontent thanks to incessant international and domestic turmoil — and this, I think has led to a nation-wide bout of amnesia in regards to the exact events of summer 2016, which could have ended one week ago, one month ago or one thousand years ago. No one can say for sure.

Like, you did a lot this past summer. You know you did. You remember a Pokemon GO streak here or a Donald Trump rage-spiral there, but, like, when it comes down to the details, who knows? You sure don’t. Luckily, we’ve got that reminder for you right here. Check out these things that you already forgot you did this summer:

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