13 Things You Have to Do with Your BFF Before Summer Ends

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We know that you don’t want to hear this, but summer 2014 is coming to an end — and it’s happening fast! But that doesn’t mean that all of the great summer fun has to end just yet. In fact, the approach of the end of the summer is even more of a reason to go out and have all of the fun you can have.

So, before you start crying over the fact that you’ll be back at school before you know it, grab your best friend and get these 13 things done:

1. Go to the beach one last time. Because you’ll miss the hot weather when it’s gone for the next eight months.

Hey Ho Let's Go

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2. Spend a whole day walking around your city. We bet you don’t know your city as well as you think you do.

3. Eat lunch on the patio of that cool place you’ve been meaning to. Even if it’s just for the cool Instagram pictures.

4. Get fancy gelato. Which is, for the record, SO much better than regular ice cream.

5. Go to a fair. Be a movie cliche; go ahead, do it.

Workaholics Let's Get Weird

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6. Have an impromptu sleepover. There may not be planned board game activities, but it’ll be fun nonetheless.

7. Have a picnic in the park. We don’t think people take advantage of this super cheap but fun warm-weather activity.

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8. Go thrift shopping. What, what, what, what.

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9. But, also, splurge on one thing you’re in love with. Treat yo’self.

10. KARAOKE. And screech your little heart out.

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11. Buy an adventurous Groupon — and actually use it. Check something off of your bucket list at a bargain!

12. Pull an all-nighter. Who needs sleep, anyway?

13. Cook a fun meal together. And make huge messes, because it’s more fun that way.

Snow White Cooking

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