11 Things That Only Happen to Single People in Music Videos

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If I may allow myself to be “real” with you all for a sec, as I almost always refuse to be (literally JK), I have a confession. Almost all of the time, I am wishing that I was someone else. Or, not someone else, necessarily, but myself in a totally different, aesthetically pleasing environment, where I have perfect hair, perfect complementary, but eye-catching, clothing, perfect rhythm, and a perfect amount of self-confidence and poise. Basically, me as though I am in a music video.

This is sort of similar to my “karaoke fantasy” (not a sexual one), which I have written about a lot before, and is something that I suspect a large number of people have. Basically, you just imagine yourself going onstage at a karaoke club or school talent show, vengefully singing a Selena Gomez song, and just happening to look out into the audience and spotting your crush (a current one or one who has wronged you, or both) in the audience. It’s a scenario in which reality is just slightly altered so that everything is aligned in your favor. Like a music video!

This is because, while the mystic allure of being the typical girl in a music video is fraught with sexism — remember that whole “Blurred Lines” mess? — being a single girl in a music video is high-key the s*it. Don’t believe me? Check out these things that only happen to single girls in music videos:

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