8 Things That Happen During Every Episode of Teen Wolf

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In case you've been living under a rock, let us be the ones to tell you the good news — Teen Wolf, Season 4 begins tonight on MTV! And, even though Lydia herself (a.k.a. Holland Roden) informed us of some of the juicy details for the upcoming episodes, we still felt the need to talk about TW even more. So, for your pleasure (and ours), here are eight things that happen during every episode of Teen Wolf:

1. Someone turns into a werewolf. Because, duh, it's Teen Wolf.

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2. There's an in-SANE battle. Holy crap, Kira!

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3. Someone gets injured in some way, shape or form. Never in a normal way either.


4. Stiles will tug at your heartstrings. Look at that face.

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5. Lydia will scream. Okay, maybe not during every episode, but it happens a lot.


6. You will scream. When — *SPOILER* — Allison died, there was no stopping the wails.

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7. There's an overwhelming amount of sexual tension. Scott & Allison, Allison & Isaac, Lydia & Aiden, Lydia & Stiles, Stiles & Malia, Danny & Ethan, etc.


8. And, of course, all the shirtless action. MELT.

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The Season 4 trailer for Teen Wolf is absolutely NUTS:

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