17 Things That Happen at Every One Direction Concert

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Whether you've been to a One Direction concert or you're still waiting to witness the magic in person, there are some things that all true Directioners (should) know happen during all live performances. Every. Single. One. Now, we could have taken the easy road and mentioned the hit songs like "What Makes You Beautiful" and "Little Things" that they always play, but do you really think we'd do that to ya? C'mon people, you know us better than that — we're real Directioners over here! Keep reading to see how many consistencies you may've noticed and ones that'll completely blow your mind.

1. There's at least one on-stage pelvic thrust. Not that we're complaining, though…

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2. Someone jumps off of something. A speaker, a couch, the stage itself, whatevs.


3. Harry shimmies. Why hello there, Hazza.


4. The boys do (at least) one synchronized dance move. The moves include: the rowboat, the gyrate, the elbow, etc.

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5. 75% of the girls are sobbing. Some may even start before the show begins. #NoJudgement

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6. There's a Twitter Q&A. Seeing as how the guys don't dance, the Twitter question sesh has become a staple for 1D concert goers' entertainment.


6. You'll hear someone yell, "VAS HAPPENIN?!" Thanks, Zayn!

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7. At least one dad will fall asleep. Although we're not quite sure how that happens with the decibel level as high as it is…

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8. There will be severe hearing loss when all is said and done. It's totally worth it, though.


9. Harry will flip his hair. Whoosh.

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10. Someone will throw something on stage. We're willing to bet it'll probably be a bra/a pair of underwear. In this case, a shoe:


11. You'll see at least five inappropriate posters. From 'SPIT ON ME NIALL' to 'There's only One Direction to my bedroom,' the fangirls definitely won't hold back.

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12. The boys will change lyrics. "Scooby Dooooooooooo"

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13. Harry gets picked on during "WMYB." If you're lucky, he might even get pantsed.

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14. So. Many. Bro. Hugs. {*INSERT HEART EYES EMOJI}

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15. Someone ruins a quiet moment by screaming 'I LOVE YOU!!!' Or 'MARRY ME' or 'HARRRRRRRY'

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16. Niall will whip out his guitar. As if he needed to make the girls swoon even more…


17. Lives will be changed. Expect an onslaught of post-concert "BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE" tweets.


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