14 Things Taylor Swift’s Squad Does That You’ll Never Be Able to Do

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To spend any time at all talking about Taylor Swift and her many-headed group of friends (more colloquially known as a “squad”) at this point in 2016 feels, in a lot of ways, redundant. We’ve been over this. We’ve taken the quizzes to find out which squad member you are, acknowledged that the squad reached its peak during the 1989 Tour when Taylor insisted on yanking every single one of her famous friends up on stage with her, and even realized that Taylor Swift and her squad might not actually be your friend. Even the term “squad” itself, which once seemed to gleam with the possibility of future friendships yet untapped, now seems both forced and outdated, like an old Instagram trend or Ken Bone meme that your aunt brings up at Thanksgiving dinner as a means of “bonding” with you.

Still, while it may have lost its original luster, Taylor Swift and her squad remain strong — or, at the very least, omnipresent — forces in the pop culture lexicon. Googling “Taylor Swift squad” returns results that are really only tangentially related to either Taylor Swift or her squad, like “Kendall Jenner Disses Taylor Swift’s Squad, Say’s She’s a ‘Guy’s Girl,'” and “Gigi Hadid Reveals What Taylor Swift’s Squad’s Halloween Was Really Like.” Besides, Drake may soon be a member of it too (LOL), which proves that, if nothing else, the squad will continue to get press.

It’s so relatable! Except, you know, not really. So, check out these things Taylor Swift and her squad — for lack of a better term — does that you’ll never be able to do:

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