14 Things Single People Dread on Valentine’s Day

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Before the dust from the Christmas storm even had time to settle, bursts of red and pink decorations take over store-front windows, automated stuffed animals are crooning cheesy love songs (this includes everything ranging between “Baby Love” by The Supremes and “I Know You Want Me” by Pitbull), and mediocre heart-shaped chocolates replace the regular packaging. Welcome to Valentine’s Day season; it kind of sucks.

Cupid’s hallmark holiday is rapidly approaching and while couples are planning their romantic night out, single folks are already dreading the love-filled date. Even if this commercial “holiday” really doesn’t mean much to you, it serves as a tiny reminder in the back of your head that you’re alone and that’s pretty annoying.

Thus, in honor of Valentine’s Day, this is a shoutout to all the single people out there who will be brunching instead of cuddling when February 14 rolls around!

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