10 Things Only Your BFF is Allowed to Do

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Your best friend is called that because you think she’s better than all of your other non-BFFs. There’s no shame in admitting that. And with that sweet spot comes a whole bunch of perks that no one else gets to enjoy. Like these ten, specifically:

1. Borrow your clothes and never give them back. Another one bites the dust. But it’s okay, because you do it to her too.


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2. Be (playfully) mean to your sibling(s). Your sib is basically her sib, anyway.

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3. Arrive to sleep at your house totally unprepared for sleepover. Guess who’ll be decked out in your PJs and using one of your spare toothbrushes!

4. Text you several times in a row without annoying you. This is actually a frequent occurrence.

5. Call you in the middle of the night about something non-urgent. You’ll be rolling your eyes, but you’ll still pick up.

6. Break your things without you expecting a replacement. But to be on the safe side, don’t go around smashing things as a test.

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7. Be super friendly with your boyfriend without making you jealous. Because you’re well aware that she’d die if she even considered hooking up with him.

8. Tell you that your outfit looks bad without you getting offended. It’s all out of love and a desire for you not to look like a hot mess. You know that.

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9. Call you weird or gross nicknames. Lots of times, they’re both weird AND gross.

10. Drag you into her lies. “Okay, so you remember what you’re supposed to say, right? DON’T SCREW THIS UP.”

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