12 Things No One Warns You About Being a Teen

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For every second you’re in your teens, there are a million pieces of advice that people are tossing your way. Hang out with decent people. Work hard in school. Stay far away from blue shiny eyeshadow. You name it! But, like everything else in life, there are just some secrets that people forget to let you in on…

…which is where we come in! Here are 12 things about being a teen that no one warns you about:

1. You’ll feel too young or too old for everything. It turns out that, when you’re directly in between childhood and adulthood, you rarely ever feel quite age-appropriate for things.

Too Young Unacceptable

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2. Your choices now actually matter later on. No pressure, of course. But it turns out that #YOLO is a much better hashtag than real-life philosophy a lot of the time.

3. You will care what people think of you. Even if you want so badly not to.

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4. You’ll feel sad for no reason sometimes. And it’s, like, weird. But also normal, so don’t worry too much.

5. Friendship is easier now than ever. So take advantage of the near-effortless bonds you have now, because you’ll have to make much more of an effort to maintain them later.

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6. You’re never going to have money for stuff. Granted, your parents may stock the fridge and make sure you have clothes. But unless you get a job while still in high school, prepare to ride the train to Broke Town, population: teenagers and college kids.

7. You’ll feel really scared. Thinking about this “real world” that everyone won’t shut up about has the ability to scare every person you know. And it will.

8. You’ll intend to keep in contact with your favorite teacher and keep forgetting. And it will make you feel like the worst.

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9. You’ll regret not actually doing your assigned readings. When everyone is discussing books that everyone and their mom had in their high school curriculum, you’ll either be standing by silently or playing catch-up.

10. You’ll hate your current sense of style in 5 years. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t adore it now! Because in 10 years you’ll hate the style you’ll love in 5 years.

11. You’ll stress too much about being in a relationship. If you’re in one, great. If you aren’t in one, also great. Everything is great.

12. You’ll earn a nickname that you don’t know about. Hopefully it’s “Smartest Most Awesome Athletic Ninja Girl” but it’s more likely that it’s “Duck Voice”. Whatever.

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