7 Things Naya Rivera Fans Are Totally Sick of Hearing

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Earlier this week, Naya Rivera fans were shocked to discover that the Glee actress had suddenly deleted her Twitter account. Much like her feisty character on the FOX show, people have a LOT to say about the actress — and the rumored drama that surrounds her personal life.

So much so, we've decided to round up some phrases that Nayaholics are SO sick of hearing. Check them out below!

1. She really needs to cover up. If you had a body like that you’d probably show it off too, don’t lie.


2. She's TOTALLY had work done. Even if she has, who cares?! It’s her life!


3. I'm not surprised about all those Glee drama rumors, she seems like she's kind of crazy in real life. We’d like to think of it as “feisty.”


4. I bet she deleted her Twitter for attention. Just…no.


5. She's SO trying to be like Kim Kardashian. Why can’t she express her style without being compared to someone else?!


6. How much you want to be her failed engagement was HER fault? There are TWO sides to every story…


7. She's not as talented as everyone thinks. NO. YOU. DIDN'T.


Anything we might have missed? Tell us in the comments!

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