7 Things Miley Cyrus Fans Are Totally Sick of Hearing

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Miley Cyrus — whether you love her or hate her, there's a good chance you at least have SOMETHING to say about her. There's no question that the "We Can't Stop" singer has done some controversial things during her career, but let's not forget she's a young woman who is just trying to navigate the spotlight.

And though the 21-year-old has a HUGE, dedicated fan base with her Smiles, there are still plenty of naysayers going around. So, we thought we'd put together seven things that her Smilers are just SICK of hearing. Check them out below!

1. "She's out of control." Um, last time we checked, Miley doesn't have a mugshot so…


2. "She's not even that talented." Sorry, but "Wrecking Ball"? "Party in the U.S.A."? CLASSICS.


3. "She's just acting this way for attention." Dude, she's 21. Just let her live her life!


4. "She's a slut." Yeah, because being with the same guy for 3+ years (even though they split) is really slutty…


5. "She needs to put some clothes on." She's young and has a nice bod — you would be doing the same thing if you were in her shoes.


6. “She’s so ghetto.” Again…she’s just living her life.


7. "She'll probably regret acting this way in a few years." OK, yeah so even if she does regret it, life is a learning experience. Gotta let people make their own mistakes.


Where do you fall on the Miley Cyrus fan spectrum? Sound off in the comments!

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