15 Things Kylie Jenner Has Done That You Will Literally Never Be Able to Do

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Every now and then, if I am looking to give myself a good scare, I think about what my life would be like if Kylie Jenner didn’t exist. This is a terrifying, harrowing thought for me because, as a person who writes content on the Internet, I basically rely on the comings, goings and general inhales and exhales of Kylie Jenner to earn my keep on this good earth. Is she releasing a new lip kit color? Contouring her ears? Revolutionizing the culinary world yet again with her cooking show, Cooking with Kylie? Who knows, but whatever it is that she’s doing, it’s bound to be very, very “good” content.

With all of the general hubbub and fervor over King Kylie, it can be easy to forget that, at the end of the day, she’s just an 18-year-old-girl–because, you know, her life really is significantly different from that of the average 18-year-old. So different, in fact, there are many things that Kylie J does that many of us will literally never be able to do. So, without any further ado, behold — the things Kylie Jenner has done that you will never, under any circumstances, be able to do:

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