10 Things Gleeks Are Straight Up Sick of Hearing

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Whether you love it or hate it — just about everybody has something to say about Glee. While the show had a metoritic rise in popularity when it first aired, it's safe to say the intensity has fizzled out a bit, but don't get us wrong, there are still tons of dedicated Gleeks out there.

However, there seem to be just as many Glee haters as lovers out there, so we put together a few phrases that Gleeks are just straight up sick of hearing. See them below!

1. The show just isn't as good as it used to be. Every show has its ups and downs, OK?!


2. I don't even care about the characters any more. How can you say that?!


3. I’m so sick of them just doing Top 40 hits. Come on, you KNOW some of their versions are better than the originals.


4. I'm so sick of them just doing showtunes. OK, so do they only do Top 40 or show tunes? Yeah, that's what I thought.


5. OMG, people still watch Glee?! Yep, MILLIONS of people are still watching Glee on a weekly basis thankyouverymuch.


6. They can't even sing! Dude…

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7. This is so unrealistic. It's a TV SHOW. DUH.


8. It's just like High School Musical. Um, are you kidding me?


9. They should have just canceled it after the second season. But then we would have never gotten moments like this one (that captures how we feel about this phrase…)


10. Rachel Berry is so annoying. DON'T YOU DARE!


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