8 Things Fictional Male Characters Do That Guys Never Do in Real Life

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Whenever you read a book or watch a movie or TV show, you know, logically, that what you’re paying attention to is fiction. You know that personality traits are exaggerated, stereotypes are relied upon and scenarios are created in someone’s mind. You’re aware! Regardless of that awareness, though, you can’t help feeling surprised when real life doesn’t exactly match up with the fictional ones you’ve been focusing on. It’s so easy to get caught up in fake characters so much that you forget about that logical part of your brain. That’s why, sometimes, we need a gentle reminder that there are things fictional characters do that people don’t actually do in real life.

Which brings us to this Ask Reddit thread, which asks the men of Reddit what female writers get wrong when writing male characters. It’s a valid question — a female has trouble writing a male character because, well, she’s not a male. It’s pretty interesting to hear what writers get wrong from a male perspective. And yes, of course it’s true that not all guys are the same, and what makes sense to one dude won’t be true for another, but in general, you can see that there are certain things male characters do that guys never actually do in real life. And the below dudes confirm that. Check it out and you’ll probably start to think differently about your favorite fictional men:

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