7 Things Celebrities Say vs. What We Think They Mean

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A lot of times, celebrities speak in codewords, so that they can express themselves without getting into too much trouble. We guess having to watch what you say is just one of the many weird parts of being famous, right in there with crowds of people screaming whenever you’re near them and people paying actual money to see you in person. And we see it all of the time!

So often, in fact, that we think that we’ve cracked the code and have figured out just what celebs actually mean when they say the following things:

1. WHAT THEY SAY: “We’re not dating.”

WHAT WE THINK THEY MEAN: “We are totally more than just friends, but are trying to keep it under wraps. Or just wanna peak your interest further.”

Miley The Last Song I Like Him

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2. WHAT THEY SAY: “Look out for my new project soon.”

WHAT WE THINK THEY MEAN: “I actually know as much about this project as you do, but I don’t want you to get angry or impatient. Or there’s actually nothing going on, but that’d make me look bad to say it.”

Andrew Garfield No Idea

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3. WHAT THEY SAY: “I don’t like to talk about politics.”

The Office No Please

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WHAT WE THINK THEY MEAN: “Anything that I say will upset someone, so I’m just keeping quiet altogether.”

Winnie the Pooh Can't Win

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4. WHAT THEY SAY: “No comment.”

Pretty Little Liars

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WHAT WE THINK THEY MEAN: “Please never ask me that question again, even though I know that you will.”

5. WHAT THEY SAY: “Me and [insert another celebrity’s name] hung out last week.”

Act Casual

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WHAT WE THINK THEY MEAN: “Me and [insert other celebrity’s name] are total BFFEAEAEs.”

BFFL Real Housewives

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6. WHAT THEY SAY: “I’m SO sorry.”

I'm So Sorry

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WHAT WE THINK THEY MEAN: “I’m only a little sorry and it’s mostly that I got caught.”

Ian Somerhalder Oops

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7. WHAT THEY SAY: “I can’t give away too much…”


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WHAT WE THINK THEY MEAN: “Go pay & see it yourself.”

Kristen Bell Shrug

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