10 Things Beyonce Fans Are So Sick of Hearing

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We think Saturday Night Live said it best with their Beygency sketch, but we'll just reiterate what they suggested in that video — (basically) everybody loves Beyonce. And thought there's been a bit of controversy around her lately, but that hasn't stopped the world from praising her every move.

Now, we realize that not EVERYBODY is as obsessed with her as we all might be, but there are certain things Bey haters have been saying that just really needs to stop. We've rounded up 10 things that Beyonce fans are stick of hearing, so check them out below!

1. She's part of the Illuminati! Actually, we can't even be mad at this any more. It's just funny now.


2. Her new stuff isn't as good as her old stuff. EVERYTHING SHE DOES IS PERFECT.


3. She didn't even graduate high school! Come on now…


4. Her marriage to Jay Z isn't as perfect as it looks. Yeah…this looks like a couple who has serious issues.


5. Her Instagram is soooo overly produced. Because she's an ARTIST. Everything she does has thought put into it!


6. Her new album is wayyyy too sexual. At least she did it in a classy way as opposed to someone else we know *COUGH*Miley Cyrus*COUGH*


7. She TOTALLY faked her pregnancy! We're not even going to dignify that with a response.


8. That whole "Surfboardt" thing is stupid and I don't get it. Taylor Swift doesn't seem to agree.


9. She's a terrible actress. HAVE YOU SEEN DREAMGIRLS?!


10. She should have stepped in during the elevator fight. Just….no.


Do you agree? Were there any we missed? Sound off in the comments!

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