7 Things All People with Half-Siblings Will Understand

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Having a half-sibling is a whole different sibling ball game. There’s actually nothing like the relationship between half-siblings, whether they’re close or not. That’s why it takes a true half-sibling to understand these seven things:

1. People feeling the need to ask, “Mom or Dad’s side?” It doesn’t matter, Stranger Who Insists on Asking This.

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2. Not knowing what to call your half-sibling’s half-siblings. Or any of their other family members, actually. It’s a mess.

3. Understanding at a young age how complicated families can be. No ingrained family ideologies here.

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4. People telling you that you look nothing alike. “Hmm, could it possibly be because we have 50% different DNA? Yeah, maybe that.”

5. Forgetting at times that they’re only your half-sibling. Family is family, yo.

6. Being unable to decide whether or not you feel threatened by your half-sibling’s full-sibling. It’s stupid and you shouldn’t, but we might not blame you if you did.


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7. Swapping stories about your shared parent all of the time. No one knows them better than their other kid!


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