18 Awesome Things the 2016 Presidential Election Ruined Forever

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Whoever you want to be President of the United States, I think we can all agree on one thing: we are exhausted. We’re sick of talking about politics, we’re sick of arguing with friends we wouldn’t normally argue with, we’re sick of going on Facebook and reading nonsensical comments on news stories and we’re sick of hearing Donald Trump speak. We’re tired. This election has had such a negative impact on people, including ruining some of our favorite things. Everything became politicized in the last few months! Thankfully, everything will be over soon, but these things will be destroyed forever.

It’s hard to think of your social media feed not being flooded with political posts and memes, but it will soon be reality. The hyped-up sensationalism that came with this election isn’t surprising, but it is kind of the worst. So many things have become symbols of campaigns that I feel like I can’t even pick out candy without Googling if one of them endorsed it or something. Try as you may, you can’t avoid this election. And on this last day, #ImWithYou (see what I did there? I can’t stop). These are 18 things this election has ruined forever, indiscriminately, no matter what your political views are:

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