13 Struggles All Girls With Thick Hair Will Understand

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Whether you have curly or straight hair, there’s something all girls with an abundance of locks can understand — having thick hair poses some serious struggles! Whether it’s sweating in the summer or shedding everywhere, there’s alllllways something.

Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself!

1. You’re used to your ponytail holders breaking constantly. Which is why you always carry around at least three extras.



2. Straightening your hair is a workout. Can you say ‘arm cramps?!’

3. And even when you do straighten your hair, the bottom is always still kinda wavy. UGH!

4. You’re convinced one day you’re going to go bald. ‘Cause your hair falls out EVERYWHERE.

5. This happens ESPECIALLY when you’re in the shower. And your walls end up look like furry animals with all the hair you stick on there.

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6. But then you realize, LOL that’d never happen — there’s too much hair on this head to ever run out! Forreal, though.

7. If you go to bed with a wet head, it’ll still be that way when you wake up. This poses serious issues in the winter…

8. Ponytails never seem to stay upright. Somehow they’re always sagging down your neck by the end of the day.

9. But even if they sag, you still end up with a headache. Who knew the weight of hair could actually hurt?!

10. Your hairdresser says, “WOW! You have SO much hair!” every. single. time you get a cut. This never fails and you still don’t know the proper response.

11. You need at least two boxes of hair dye if you decide to do it yourself. And that’s even pushing it.

12. And you go through bottles of shampoo and conditioner like they’re water. Do you know how much it takes to actually cleanse all of this?!

13. When people pray for thick locks, you just don’t understand. It’s WAY harder than it looks, people!

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