The Weeknd’s Relationship Joke Has Many Thinking It’s About Selena Gomez

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While things seem to be going just fine for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, it kinda sounds like The Weeknd might not be over his relationship with SelGo. Why? Well, he made a joke about long-distance relationships at his concert in Sydney, Australia and fans are just reading in between the lines.

According to Daily Mail, Abel called his relationship with the land down under a long distance one. “I know this is like a long-distance relationship here,” he said in the middle of his set. “But I feel like I’ll come to Sydney every year, at least once.” Sounds like no matter how far the continent may be, he’s committed to making his relationship with Australia work.

Well, that comment may seem innocent enough, but many fans are speculating that he was subtly letting everyone in on a little secret regarding his last 10-month long relationship with a certain celebrity who’s currently hanging out with her ex of many years; the secret being that he’s actually willing to make his relationships work, no matter how far apart he may be from a loved one.

This speculated shade also comes after the singer noticeably deleted his ex-girlfriend off of Instagram, even though Sel revealed in an interview that she and Abel ended their relationship on good terms. Ouch. Well, regardless of how the “Wolves” singer feels about her ex-boyfriend, it’s safe to assume that The Weeknd just needs a little more time to heal from their recent split.