15 of the Raunchiest Tweets Fans Legitimately Wrote to The Weeknd

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If you’ve heard any songs by The Weeknd (which, LBR, who hasn’t?), you’re probably well aware of the fact that he doesn’t exactly keep it PG when it comes to his music. Still, his fans are absolutely obsessed, mainly because his songs are usually a strange combination of extremely romantic/aggressively sexual. Plus, he can hit a high note better than pretty much any other male musician in the music industry right now.

For the reasons we’ve just outlined, it makes total sense why his fans send him NSFW messages on social media. That’s right! The Weeknd (A.K.A. Abel Tesfaye) gets tons of raunchy messages directed at him on Twitter. And while people on the Internet hardly shock us anymore, we have to admit, these are DIRTY! Ready to see 15 of the most shocking tweets fans wrote about the “Call Out My Name” crooner? Start scrollin’!