The One Direction/The Wanted Feud is Over, According to Siva Kaneswaran

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Although it was only a few months ago that The Wanted blamed their breakup on One Direction (which we still don't really understand), former TW band member Siva Kaneswaran set the record straight and says The Wanted/One Direction feud is officially over. Whew — finally peace among the boy bands! Siva told Access Hollywood that the two bands definitely did have issues with each other in the past, but are done with all the drama. He said:

"There was a feud. There were a few Twitter comments that were passed, sent along and there were a few replies by a few of the boys. But it kind of went to its peak and then it kind of just stopped for a bit and then we all kind of agreed to just put it away and move forward because I was like it was too much drama. It was battle of the boy bands and you’re just like, let’s move on. We got some music to do and — but now it’s cool."

Siva was referring to the public Twitter fights members of both bands took part in in the past and frequent digs, like the one about a 1D member being "confused," that were made.

To further prove that the fight is no more, Siva even acknowledged 1D's success and said "they’re flying the flag for the U.K." And seeing as 1D is currently on a worldwide stadium tour and the former members of The Wanted are trying to move forward with their careers, it's probably nice to not have to worry about any bad blood.

Were you team TW or 1D? Are you glad the drama is finally over? Tell us in the comments below!

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