Lunchtime Poll: Who Won Last Night’s Ep of The Voice?

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If you could assemble a team of the world’s hottest musicians, have them judge you based solely on your talent, and then have them beg for the opportunity to work with you, you wouldn’t be dreaming…you’d be a contestant on The Voice, the new NBC singing competition that premiered last night!

Ever dreamed of becoming pop royalty? You definitely need to watch this!

Seeing music faves like Christina Aguilera, Maroon 5 hottie Adam Levine, and Cee Lo Green (oh yeah, and that country guy Blake Shelton) all in one place was exciting enough, but watching them fight over the amazing talents (seriously, this show put Idol to shame) was incredibly LOLtastic.

But which judge won the night? Which contestant is your fave so far?

At one point, Christina caught on to Adam’s game of wooing singers to his team and totally called him out on it. We smell some dramz between these two by the end of the season.

We loved Adam’s style (and his cute stomach poking out underneath his T-shirt everytime he got excited), so we’re giving him the win with Christina as a close second. See how the other judges sized up:

The Voice

Do you agree? Which judge and contestants are your fave so far? Sound off below!