The Vamps Face Backlash After Disney’s Laura Marano Stars In “Somebody To You” Music Video

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When we posted The Vamps' new music video for "Somebody To You" yesterday, we were pretty sure that everyone was going to love it. And while the general consensus was that the video is fabulous, some were not so thrilled about the band's choice to use Disney's Austin & Ally star Laura Marano as the leading lady. Yeah…we're just as confused as you are…

After doing some Twitter stalking, it seems that people are not thrilled that Brad, The Vamps' lead singer, seems to be flirting with Laura a little too much in the video. And, since tons of people ship Ross Lynch with Laura, this is clearly a problem. Another complaint is that The Vamps want to be R5, and using Laura as the love interest in vid is just another way for them to do that.

Apparently the hate got so bad that band member James had to post Twitter messages defending their casting choice.

So basically, we're confused. Yes, Laura and Brad were 'flirting' in the video, but James is totally right — it's acting! Also, it seems that Laura and The Vamps are friends, just like she is with R5! Can't we all just get along and live in one big happy musical family?

We want to hear your thoughts on this situation. Are you upset about the video's casting decision? Do you think fans are being way over dramatic? Tell us in the comments below!

This isn't the first time James couldn't bite his tongue…

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