All The Lucky Girls Who’ve Dated Guys From The Vamps

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Bye, One Direction. (Too soon?) As sad as it is for diehard Directioners to accept, today’s actual hottest British boy band is gaining popularity every day. If you’re still in the dark about The Vamps, listen up: The band is comprised of Brad Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans, and they’re all hot, and we want to date all of them. Or at least live vicariously through the girls who have actually hooked up with them.

But with fame comes drama, and these guys’ relationships have definitely been Hollywood-level scandalous. Save for one or two sweet romances, the rest ended REALLY badly. So maybe we’re not so jealous after all? After getting the details, decide for yourself:

1. Sophie Turner — James McVey and the gorgeous Game of Thrones star dated in 2014, after James admitted on Twitter that he had a crush on the actress. They started Twitter-flirting and confirmed their relationship a few weeks later. After a flurry of adorable Instagrams of the new couple, things suddenly got weird when James posted a pic of the two, writing, “Was this all an act? I know you’re an actress but this isn’t cool.” Sophie responded, “Please stop. You’re freaking me out.” James had the (very awkward) last word on the short-lived relationship, tweeting at her, “You made me watch your lame little tv show. I don’t even like Game of Thrones.” Okay then.

2. Lauren Jauregui — Another dramatic crash and burn happened with Brad Simpson and the Fifth Harmony singer. The pair dated briefly in 2014, but by early 2015 they called it quits. And like with most celeb couples, Brad was still fielding questions from the press about their rumored romance even after going their separate ways. During an interview, the British cutie confirmed that he and Lauren had dated from April to December of 2014. Seems fine, right? Well, his bandmate James rudely cut in, “We all had a bit of a go” — implying that Lauren had slept around with the whole group! After the completely ridiculous exchange, the other girls of Fifth Harmony quickly came to Lauren’s defense on Twitter. The best response was from Camilla Cabello, who tweeted, “The amount of sexism and immaturity is astounding.” After seeing all the backlash, James apologized on Twitter, saying his joke was misinterpreted.



3. Anastasia Smith — Hearts broke everywhere when Tristan Evans and Anastasia went public with their relationship in 2014, and as far as we know, they’re still going strong. The two occasionally post couple-selfies and pics of each other while they do various adorable things like watching movies and going to brunch. So jeal!

4. Kirstie Brittain — And the winner of The Vamps’ relationship drama is James McVey and Kirstie Brittan; this was some seriously public s***. After a few months of dating in 2014, James found out that Kirstie had cheated on him — after fans showed him photographic evidence! Yup, Kirstie was dumb enough to get caught on camera kissing another dude while out at a club. The two split after that (obviously), but in November 2015, Kirstie posted an Instagram of her and an unknown guy holding hands. And from the back, it looks a lot like James, making fans assume they had set their differences aside and gotten back together. Interesting…

5. Luisa Hackney — Ugh, Connor Ball and Luisa are the actual cutest! Although the Brit has never confirmed his relationship, the flirty Instagrams speak for themselves. Luisa has been posting pics of the two together for almost a year now. Connor’s a bit more private about his personal life than his bandmates, so it makes sense that he doesn’t talk much about his relationship.

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