The Vampire Diaries Preview: Will Elena Change Damon’s Mind About Stefan?

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The CW

With The Vampire Diaries new season already in full force, here’s what we know so far thanks to last week’s premiere: 1) Damon has decided to give up on Stefan. 2) Stefan isn’t really as evil as Damon thinks, and we know this ’cause he called Elena. Aww! 3) Klaus is hoping to build an army of hybrids.

In tonight’s ep “The Hybrid,” it looks like Elena will be trying to convince Damon that they can still save Stefan from Klaus. Question is, will a phone call be enough to change Damon’s mind? Hmm…considering D’s feelings for E, it might be (we hope).

Watch this sneak peek clip from tonight’s ep!

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The Vampire Diaries is on tonight at 8pm on The CW! Do you think Damon will agree with Elena to continue the search for Stefan? Think Klaus’s plan will be a total fail? Tell us in the comments!

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