The Vampire Diaries is Almost Back, But It Looks Like We May Have Lost Stefan Forever! (Video)

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Who could forget The Vampire Diaries majorly epic season finale?! Um, def not us, from all that drams between Stefan possibly moving over to the dark side to Damon confessing his love for Elena. And from what we can tell from this preview for season 3 (which starts so soon!), Stefan really has gone evil and it looks like Elena is being pushed into getting over him. Could Elena and Damon finally end up together? OMG, please make this happen.

Click on to watch a sneak peek at season 3!

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Season 3 of The Vampire Diairies premieres Thursday, September 15 at 8pm on The CW! Are you psyched for the new season? Think there’s any way Damon will be able to bring Stefan back to his old self? Reread our recap of the season finale and share your predictions in the comments!