The Vampire Diaries Recap: The 5 Most Teeth Sinking Moments From Last Night’s Ep!

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It was senior prank night on The Vampire Diaries last night, but did anyone else not find it to be much fun?! “The Reckoning” actually had us on the edge of our seats, biting our nails and even shedding a tear or two for Matt. Yea, that moment with Vicki was kinda sad, don’t cha think? Sucha great ep though!

Read on to find out exactly what went down on TVD last night!

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1. Klaus finds Tyler and Elena, and his dreams of creating another hybrid become a reality. We can’t get over the fact that Klaus was able to create one of his own kind successfully for the first time. Don’t get us wrong, we’re beyond happy Tyler survived. But what on earth is this going to mean for him now that he’s a hybrid?! Or did some miracle happen and Tyler isn’t actually a hybrid at all?

2. Matt sorta commits suicide and is finally able to see his sis Vicki. We really found ourselves feeling bad for Matt. All he wanted was a chance to get to talk to his one and only sis, who wouldn’t want that? After figuring out that Jeremy can see ghosts cause he was brought back to life after dying, he decides to go and drown himself. Luckily, Bonnie is a rockstar at administering CPR. His plan ends up working and he gets to see Vicki, twice! Vicki ends up telling Matt that Bonnie needs to know the reason why Klaus can’t create hybrids. Guess she really is around to be some sort of help for everyone after all.

3. Stefan’s humanity is lost. Does this mean his love for Elena is gone, too? Thank you, Klaus for once again finding a way to make us loathe you to no end. Klaus takes away Stefan’s humanity so that he loses the desire to love and protect Elena. Unfortch, Klaus’ attempt at compelling Stefan actually ends up working and Elena lands in the hospital having a ton of blood drawn by a nurse who plans to give it all to Klaus. We see more hybrids on the way and worst of all? All our faith in Elena and Stefan ever being together again is lost!

4. Katherine and Jeremy head over to Michael’s tomb in plans to awaken him. This is going to be a classic TVD moment, we can tell you that much. With Michael awake the chances of Klaus dying and never seeing the light of day ever again are super high, and we’re so psyched for that. But what’s going to happen to the rest of the vampires? If Michael is this like vamp killer, we’re wondering if he’ll be after all of them and not just Klaus.

5. Klaus and Rebekah disappear faster than lightning, but for how long? After Damon gets back to Mystic Falls, he uses the whole knowing about Michael thing as leverage with Klaus. And in that moment Klaus and his sister disappear so quick that we don’t even know where they ran off to or how they’re getting there. All we know is, Mystic Falls is sorta done with Klaus. How long? We’re not sure cause unfortch he did let Stefan stick around to keep his eye on Elena, so it’s obvs he will be back.