The Vampire Diaries Recap: The 5 Most Teeth Sinking Moments From Last Night’s Ep!

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An old school witch is dead, Stefan is back, but not how you might think, and Caroline turns out to be more fiery than we ever imagined. Yes, all this went down on last night’s ep of The Vampire Diaries, “Disturbing Behavior.”

If you tuned in last night, you know things are getting even worse for Stefan and Elena. We’re hoping someone comes to their rescue and quick!

Read on for the 5 most teeth sinking moments from last night’s ep!

1. Bonnie is back from summer vaca and sorta ruins things for Anna with Jeremy. Anna pops up and is so happy that Jeremy can finally hear her. Turns out all she wants is for Jeremy to be careful of the evil that’s after him aka Vicki and to stop feeling all alone. Bummer, guess that’s what happens when you die and stay stuck in between worlds. With Bonnie back in town, it makes things a little harder for Anna. Jeremy figures out that Anna always sweeps in when he’s thinking about her and he doesn’t want this to ruin his relationship with Bonnie. So he ends up shutting Anna out and she’s back to square one with him.

2. Rebekah kisses Stefan and figures out that he’s not really on Klaus’s side. Okay, talk about being a hater. We know Rebekah only did this cause she’s totes jeal of the fact that Stefan loves someone else. Get over it! You were “dead” for like 90 years, was he supposed to stay pining over you? But what was worse is that Rebekah tells Klaus that Stefan was trying to get info about the vampire hunter, the one thing Klaus fears. Now, that’s really weird. Why is the most powerful vampire afraid of a hunter? Hmm…

3. Katherine is on Team Salvatore….and Gilbert? Looks like the meanest chick of Mystic Falls has got a soft spot to her. She swoops into Chicago and ends up saving Stefan from being tortured by killing Gloria, essentially also saving Elena from Klaus. Then she heads back to Mystic Falls to get Damon so she can help him try and defeat Klaus and get Stefan back. Is she really in this for herself? Probs. But for now, we’re kinda proud of her.

4. Damon attacks Bill and Caroline comes to his rescue. If you watched last week’s ep, you know Caroline’s dad Bill is a total jerk and deserved what was coming to him. And if we had been Caroline, we would’ve never saved him. But in the end, guess him being daddy was all that mattered to her. Caroline ends up fighting Damon and while Damon is actually stronger, she beats him. Craziest fight on TVD ever!

5. Klaus and Stefan are back in Mystic Falls. Oh boy, here comes trouble for Elena! At the very end Klaus ends up taking Stefan back home after he uncovers that Stefan is hiding something. Klaus is smart enough to know this secret lies in Mystic Falls. Uh oh…is Elena bound to be killed for real this time?