The Vampire Diaries Recap: The 5 Most Teeth Sinking Moments From Last Night’s Ep!

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The Vampire Diaries

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OMG! So who caught last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries?! Some may-jor revelations were made on “The End of the Affair” and we can’t get over the fact that there’s so much about Stefan we didn’t know about. Which B-T-dub, he apparently didn’t know either!

The ep took us back to the Roaring ’20s, when Stefan wasn’t exactly someone you’d wanna be around. Plus, we find out he had a really random BFF. And those two were definitely a mix of pure evil at its finest!

If you missed last night’s ep, catch up right now with our recap! But beware, spoilers lie ahead…

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1. After being MIA, Katherine is back! Okay, we’re not exactly Katherine fans (although, we know a lot of you are), but it felt really weird not having her around. We were starting to wonder what happened to her and now we don’t have to wonder anymore. Damon gets a call from her and it turns out Katherine’s been tracking Klaus and Stefan, too. This, we’re a little confused about considering she ran away from Klaus. But, thanks to her, Damon found out Stefan is in Chicago.

2. Klaus and Stefan were BFFs… wait, what?! We did NOT see this one coming, but apparently neither did Stefan. As TVD took us back to the 1920s last night, they gave us the biggest shock of all. Klaus and Stefan not only knew each other, but they were like really close friends. Klaus sort of admired Stefan cause he was so evil, just like him. We find out the reason Stefan didn’t remember any of this was cause Klaus had compelled him to forget until he wanted him to remember.

3. Caroline is tortured with the sun by her own daddy. Like yea, so Caroline is a vamp and no parent would want that, but to be able to torture your own kid? You’ve got some serious issues, Bill! And you just gave your daughter some major daddy issues. Luckily, Tyler and her mama come to the rescue before it’s too late.

4. Stefan tells Elena he doesn’t want to see her or be with her anymore… and our hearts broke. Poor Elena! All she cares about lately is finding Stefan and bringing him home and she got so close without seeing any success. Stefan is super cruel and basc tells her that the part of his life that she was part of is long gone now. And to think, even after she saw his list of victims she still wanted to be with him.

5. Stefan’s old flame is back in the pic and he remembers it all. So Klaus decides to finally un-compell Stefan, but only after bringing back his sis Rebecca. Rebecca just so happens to be one of Stefan’s old flames, and once he sees her he’s like all googly eyed over her. Could this mean Elena and Stefan will never ever be together again?! He also remembers his friendship with Klaus and it looks like they’ll be good ol’ buds again. So not a good thing!