The Vampire Diaries Recap: The 5 Most Teeth Sinking Moments From Last Night’s Ep!

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What girl would give up on saving the guy that she loves? Not Elena Gilbert, that’s for sure! Last night on “The Hybrid” ep of The Vampire Diaries, Elena went forth with her crazy plan to save Stefan and dragged Alaric along for the ride. Also, Klaus continued with his plan to create an “army” of hybrids but this doesn’t turn out like he originally thought.

Read on to catch the 5 most teeth sinking moments from last night’s ep!

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1. Carol (Tyler’s mom) wants Caroline killed…oh wait, maybe not. Okay, this sitch is probs one of the most shocking from last night’s ep. Not cause Carol wants Caroline obliterated off the planet, but cause of who she hires to do it. Who knew Caroline’s dad was was a slayer? This is the first time we’ve ever seen him and he’s here to slay his own daughter?! Whoa! Luckily (or maybe not) Carol changes her mind after seeing that Tyler is a werewolf. But from the looks of things, it might be too late for our blonde friend.

2. Klaus’s plan to create an army of hybrids turns out to be an epic #fail. Are we LOLing right now? Maybe! While we feel bad for these werewolves, we were so happy to see that Klaus’s plan fell through. And if you didn’t notice why these hybrids couldn’t fully transform and survive, we’ll tell you. Elena is the key here. Klaus thinks he killed the doppleganger aka E, but as we all know, she’s still 100 percent alive and kickin’. Take that, Klaus!

3. Jeremy gets a warning from Anna about Vicki and our mouths drop. So it’s not news that Vicki and Anna have been haunting Jeremy. But then we find out that Vicki needs Jeremy’s help so she can come back to life?! Here’s the kicker: Anna, ya know, Jeremy’s other haunting ex-gf, appears to warn Jeremy not to trust Vicki and we can’t help but wonder why.

4. Even after everything, Stefan is still loyal to Damon. Stefan may appear to be Klaus’s “comrade,” but the truth is his heart still remains with Damon and Elena. Last night he proved once again that he continues to protect them, even though it may not seem like it since he keeps pushing them away. All Damon needed to change his mind about Stefan was the moment Stefan saved him from Ray’s attack.

5. Delena fans get excited…but not too excited. Elena finally reveals some of her hidden feelings for Damon. We’ve known all along that Elena is kind of like Katharine in the sense that both these boys sorta make her heart skip a beat. Damon made Elena tell him she really was worried about him and cares for him, only proving what he’s been thinking and hoping for all along. But even though, we’re about a thousand percent sure that her heart is with Stefan. And it’s obvs Damon knows it, too.