Vampires, Wolves, and Witches, Oh My! Who Won The Vampire Diaries Episode 214, “Crying Wolf”?

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Last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was packed with so many plot lines, it didn’t seem fair to recap the eppie based on TEAM STEFAN vs TEAM DAMON alone. That’s why, in this very special edition of our TVD recap, we’re determining via our highly scientific ranking system who won episode 214, “Crying Wolf”: the vampires, the werewolves, or the witches.

Now on to our talley! (And, OK, we also reveal if TS or TD won the eppie. We can’t help ourselves.)

Third Place: The Werewolves
For a second, we thought the wolves had it in the bag, with their dual take down of Stefan (Paul Wesley) with those damn wooden bullets up at the Gilbert lake house (here’s a thought, wolves, why not carry stakes with you AT ALL TIMES? y’all are way too into torture) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) back in the Salvatore mansion with their wooden spiky collar (see previous parenthetical statement). But by the episode’s end, Tyler (Michael Trevino) skips town (PS TVD writers, this best not be permanent!) after nearly the entire wolf pack gets wiped out, which leads us to…

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Second Place: The Vampires
OK, so Stefan and Damon both took a nasty beating tonight, but thankfully Elijah was able to save the day. Sure, it was revealed that Elijah is keeping Elena safe only to kill her in the inevitable season finale sacrifice, but a win’s a win. And how did we find out Elijah’s master plan? Oh, that’s right…

Winner: The Witches!
Team Bonnie (Katerina Graham) totally ruled the episode in our opinion. Not only did she manage to witch roofie Luka into revealing Elijah’s evil plot to kill Elena (Ed note: we don’t condone roofies, unless they’re doled out by a Bennett witch), but she also FINALLY sealed the deal and made out with Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen)! On the one hand: JEALOUS! On the other hand, it was about damn time. Plus, we totally agree with Caroline—that thing Bonnie does with insta-lighting candles is totally hot.

EXCLUSIVE: Katerina Graham, Teen.com Guest Editor!

Do you agree with us and think witches ruled last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries? Tell us what you think in the comments!

(PS, for the record, TEAM STEFAN totally won. Who doesn’t want their boyfriend whispering I love you’s and talking about the future on a dock overlooking the lake? Sigh…)