The Vampire Diaries Recap: Who Won Episode 12 “The Descent,” Team Stefan or Team Damon?

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OK, we know this episode of The Vampire Diaries was last week, but because you, our loyal readers, keep fueling the battle between TEAM DAMON and TEAM STEFAN, you’ve inspired us to create a new weekly recap of TVD. After every eppie, we’ll rate Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) with our highly scientific point system to find out which Salvatore brother came out on top by the episode’s end.

So, who won episode 12, “The Descent”? Read on to check out our recap!

Stefan opens the episode without a shirt on. We are SO happy this show is back! +20
But then he falls down and curls into the fetal position after taking a shot of Vervain. Man up! -5
After getting up, he tells Elena that he’s hatched a plan to talk to Isobel in order to save Elena from big bad Klaus. Ah, Stefan is always the hero. +2

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Damon delivers a great one-liner in the first five minutes to an ailing Rose: “If you’re going to be maudlin, I might as well kill myself, just to put me out of your misery. +10, for making us LOL, then grab a dictionary.
He then follows up his witty banter with the infamous Damon smoldering smirk (+3) followed by reassuring Rose that the gnarly werewolf bite she has is getting better. Damon, did you just pull a good guy move? +5!
Unfortch he follows that up with a gloomy comment to Elena: “Death happens. We come, we go. The sooner she dies the better.” -5

At the Grill, Stefan refers to Jules with a paw motion and a growl to Alaric. Clever. +4
Then he pulls out an iPhone to take down Isobel’s number. Sweet gadget! +20

Later, Elena puts Rose to bed in Damon’s bedroom, which is way more pimped out than Stefan’s. +50 for that awesome bathtub.
He also has a copy of Gone With the Wind on his nightstand. +5 because he is SO Rhett Butler.

Damon arrives at the Grill to take on Jules, and upon Stefan trying to stop him, we get another gem of a quote from Damon: “Damn. There goes my plan to rip her spleen through her back.” +10 because only Damon could make us laugh from a joke about killing someone.
Stefan’s interrupted by a phone call from who he thinks is Isobel. +2 for not changing his ringtone to some corny love song.

Damon finds Rose who snuck out of the Salvatore mansion to munch on some townies, but still has time to find the humor in it all: “You went on a murderous rampage. It happens.” +10

After realizing that the only way to cure Rose’s wolf bite is to kill her, Damon gets in her head and takes Rose to her happy place. Aw. +30
Damon then sheds a tear as he drives a stake through her heart. +10 for each tear we shed watching it.

Elena consoles Damon with an extra-long hug, and for a split second we thought they were finally going to kiss! -5, because it didn’t happen.

Stefan reappears and brings Elena a present. Not Isobel, but Uncle/Daddy John. +20 for the thickening plot!

Then in the final scene, Damon breaks our heart as he kills an innocent driver! -1 million, for all the steps backward he just took.

Final tally:
Team Stefan: 63 points
Team Damon: -999892 points

So in the end, even though he was barely in the episode, TEAM STEFAN fans win on account of Damon’s uncontrollable vampire urges. Come back this Friday to see who wins the next episode!

Do you agree with our final tally? Tell us what you think in the comments, and feel free to add or subtract points of your own!