The Vampire Diaries Recap: The 5 Most Teeth Sinking Moments From Last Night’s Ep!

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It was definitely a “Homecoming” dance to remember on last night’s mid-season finale episode of The Vampire Diaries. Is Mystic Falls finally done with Klaus? And more importantly, are Stefan and Elena back together?

We’ve got all the juicy deets!

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1. Klaus is back in Mystic Falls and the plan to kill him is in motion. Stefan and Rebekah lured Klaus back into town by telling him that Michael was finally dead. After hearing this, Klaus agreed to come back. The only problem is that even though the plan to get Klaus back works, the rest of the plan sorta just fails. Damon attacks Klaus and places the dagger in him, but Stefan ruins it all by pushing Damon off of him. And thanks to Stefan, Klaus doesn’t die but…

2. …Another Original does. Michael. This was like, the moment of the night. After Stefan stops Damon from killing Klaus, Klaus finally gets his wish to get rid of his stepfather by daggering him. This sucked majorly! Now it looks like we’ll never see the end of Klaus’ evil existence.

3. Stefan saves Klaus and ends up saving himself and Damon, too. Okay, so FYI, we were really pissed at Stefan for a while after ruining the whole kill Klaus plan. Until we remembered that a vampire can’t kill an Original without dying also. So yea, Stefan ended up saving Damon’s life but he also saved his own. Stopping Klaus from being daggered freed Stefan from basically having to be Klaus’ slave. What does this mean guys? Stefan got his humanity back and he doesn’t have to help Klaus anymore.

4. Elena does something beyond shocking that left us asking, “Why?!” It was like Elena and Stefan were on the same wavelength or something last night. She goes to talk to Rebekah as Rebekah is getting ready to go to the Homecoming dance and at the very moment that Rebekah is showing that she has some humanity in her, Elena puts a dagger in her! We don’t get it. Okay, maybe Rebekah could’ve ruined things for them at the last minute, but we’re thinking once the dagger is out of her things are going to be way worse. Elena, you just lost an ally for no reason!

5. Katherine is alive and it looks like Stefan and her might become a thing again. Yes guys, Katherine didn’t die after all. She came back to Mystic Falls just in time to help with the failed plan, but once things fall through and she sees Klaus is still alive she leaves again. Only this time she took Stefan with her. So now that Stefan and Katherine are road tripping together, does this mean they’re getting back together?! Guess it’s time to put the Elena/Stefan hope behind us.