The Vampire Diaries Recap: The 5 Most Teeth Sinking Moments From Last Night’s Ep!

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If you’ve ever been curious to know the story behind the Original Family, then last night’s “Ordinary People” episode of The Vampire Diaries was most definitely your ticket! Who knew that the original witch was behind the creation of the original vamps?! But wait, there’s more. If you missed last night’s ep, when we tell you who the original witch is and just exactly what role Michael actually plays, it just might shock you.

Read on for our teeth sinking (and super shocking) deets!

1. Rebekah might just have been convinced to leave the dark side. Okay, so that pic up there may not be proof that Rebekah could turn good, but here’s the lowdown on why we think this is gonna happen. Elena got Rebekah to spill on the story about her family, and after spending some time with Rebekah and seeing that a lot of what she knows are just lies, Elena knew there had to be a way to break Rebekah down. The key? Klaus! Plus, Rebekah is really just your average teenage girl who just so happens to also be a vampire. She is a cheerleader who wants to go to homecoming after all.

2. And the original witch is…Ester! Ester is Klaus and Rebekah’s mother and she’s the reason the family became vampires. That’s right, monster Klaus wasn’t born this way and neither were his family. Ester (with the help of another witch) performed this spell to turn everyone into vampires so she wouldn’t continue to lose her kids. The only one who couldn’t become a vampire though was Ester. Why? Cause you can’t be a witch and a vamp at the same time.

3. Michael is out of the tomb and searching for Klaus. Oh boy, oh boy! We were so excited to see Michael, even if he did hurt our Damon a bit. With Michael around we know there’s hope that Klaus will finally be taken down. This wasn’t really the shocker of the night though. Little did we know that the main reason Klaus and Rebekah fear Michael so much is cause (drum roll please), Michael is their daddy!

4. All these years Rebekah believed that Michael had killed her mother, but as it turns out, it was really Klaus. Klaus, you are definitely one evil little sucker, aren’t you? How Klaus could kill his own mother is beyond our understanding, but we think he might’ve done it because of the whole hybrid curse thing. He was smart though. He made sure to tell his siblings that it was their dear old daddy who had killed mommy to make sure they’d remain on his side. Pretty genius, no?

5. Damon lets Stefan out the cell Lexi placed him in. You all remember last week when Lexi came back to help try and regain Stefan’s humanity, right? Well, Damon had a plan of his own last night. Rather than keeping Stefan locked up, he set him free and even let him have a “drink.” At first we thought Damon was totally crazy for doing this, but it turns out his little plan is working. Stefan proved to us he can be changed back after he told Michael he’d be willing to help bring Klaus back to Mystic Falls, as long as he didn’t kill his brother. How noble of you, Stef!