The Vampire Diaries Recap: The 5 Most Teeth Sinking Moments From Last Night’s Ep!

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OMG, so last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries had to be one of the saddest ep ever. “Ghost World” brought back a few of our old cast faves, but also left us saying goodbye to them all over again. Although we were left shedding a tear (or two), TVD did not disappoint. Uh then again, does it ever?

Read on to see what you missed during last night’s ep of TVD!

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1. Jeremy kinda cheats on Bonnie with Anna, but does it even really count? Okay, okay. We know what you’re thinking. How could we even try to condone Jeremy’s mini make-out sesh with Anna in the bathroom? Well, the girl’s dead! Jeremy won’t be able to be with her anyway. Plus, we don’t think Bonnie and Jeremy are a good match. We kinda wish Anna would’ve never been killed so they could have stayed together.

2. Speaking of Bonnie and the whole ghost sitch, she was finally able to fix the mess she created restore the balance of nature last night by casting a spell that closed the door ghosts were using to come back into this world. According to Bonnie’s granny, this all happened cause Bonnie brought Jeremy back, so an old witch took advantage.

3. In the midst of all the ghost returns also came Lexi. Yay! You remember Lexi, right? You know, Stefan’s BFF who always manages to bring him back to his senses after he winds up losing his way and becoming his old Ripper self?! Well yeah, she returned and right away started helping Elena try to bring Stefan’s humanity back. Lexi wasn’t able to fully complete her mission, but we think she did manage to get through to Stefan a bit. And we think Elena learned a thing or two from her. Is our fave brooding vamp on his way back soon? We sure hope so.

4. Mason takes Damon to a secret Lockwood cave. Okay, so the ep started off with Damon being tortured by Mason in the same way Damon had tortured him. But the two end up leaving past issues behind them to set out on figuring out a way to kill Klaus. They get to the cave but Mason ends up being pulled back to the other world before he finds what they went down to look for. So Damon gets Alaric’s help and they end up finding more than what they were looking for. Long-hidden clue to the past? Probs.

5. Anna finally reunites with her mom. Aww! This was like the most adorbs and saddest moment of the night all at the same time. Last night we found out that one of the reasons Anna had taken the talisman Bonnie needed to send the ghosts back was cause she wanted to find her mom first. Guess being all alone has its downsides. Luckily, they reunite just in time and our hearts are all giddy.