Here’s Why The Spy Who Dumped Me is a Female-Led Flick for Literally Everyone

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Get ready fam, because the action-comedy flick The Spy Who Dumped Me hits theaters TODAY, and we couldn’t be more excited to watch Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon kick some major a**. We mean, name a more iconic duo. That’s right… you can’t!

The film follows Mila and Kate’s characters, Audrey and Morgan respectively, as they get chased through Europe by assassins all because Morgan’s ex-boyfriend is actually a CIA agent. We know what you’re thinking: what a mess! Luckily, this mess is a really fun one to watch, especially because it puts two hilarious and bad-a** women at the forefront.

While we’ve definitely seen a bit of a spike in female-led movies since the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements first began, director Susanna Fogel is excited to offer audiences something that’s both empowering to women, but that’s also funny as hell. Not only for women, but for everyone!

Even before these movements started, Susanna recalled discussing the issue of inequality with some other people in the industry. “I would bring up something like, ‘Okay, women will see movies about men. Men feel like they have to apologize for, or be embarrassed about seeing movies about women,’ like, that’s fucked up. But, why is that, you know?”

That’s why, for this film in particular, she was committed to making something that both men and women would enjoy, but that also placed women front and center and in a positive light.

She said, “It’s hard because I feel the political pressure to represent women positively, but also, I’m a comedy writer, and I want to be able to be self-deprecating… I’m trying to just speak from my own experiences, which is that sometimes we’re really smart, and sometimes we’re, like, incredibly stupid, and you know, if that’s my truth, I guess I’m just going to tell those stories. And then, if people think that it’s not feminist, then they can say that.”

Honesty isn’t *always* the best policy. ? #HonestyDay #SpyWhoDumpedMe

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In other words, just because Susanna chose to represent the women in this film differently than women in other recent female-led films, like Wonder Woman or Ocean’s 8, for example, that doesn’t mean it’s not feminist. Instead, it proves that we need more female leads to show that women are more multi-dimensional than just one specific character in a Marvel flick.

“There are so few examples,” Susanna said. “Wonder Woman gets studied as like the only example, and what does it mean? What kind of feminist is she? And what does it mean about Patty Jenkins?… I think we just need more examples, so that women can be all the things that we are.”

From the looks of it, it seems like The Spy Who Dumped Me will offer audiences everywhere just that: examples of multi-dimensional women who are smart and who can kick butt, but who are also quirky and extremely funny and self-aware. Hmm… can you imagine that?!

Before we head out to theater ourselves, we’ll let you in on one little secret. This may not be the last time we’ll see these characters! That’s right! It sounds like Susanna’s already thinking about making a sequel. How do we know? Well, she said, and we quote, “If we get the chance to make a sequel, yeah, we’d like to,” so it doesn’t get much clearer than that. Ahh!! We can’t wait!!