A Glee and Lady Gaga Mashup Song? Why Didn’t We Think of That?! (Video)

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Sure, they’ve sung Lady Gaga songs on Glee and Lady Gaga’s said that she actually wants to be on the show one of these days, but can you imagine a Lady Gaga song and a Glee song in mashup form? You don’t have to, Little Monsters and gleeks (Little Gleeks?!), because The Shures, an amazing acapella group, have done it for us. We’re obsessed with their mashup of Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” and the gleeks’ “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Who knew that two totally different songs actually sounded so awesome together?

Click on to hear it! And, just a disclaimer, you’re going to want to play it over and over and over…

Listen to the original “Edge of Glory” here and then listen to the mashup below!

What do you think of the mashup? Do you think the songs work well together? Tell us in the comments, Little Gleeks (ha!)