‘The Selection’ Gets Pilot Order From The CW After Long Delay

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Harper Collins

Fans of the YA book series The Selection rejoice — it officially has a pilot order from The CW. TVLine is reporting that the network has decided to move forward with a revamped version of The Hunger Games-esque drama. Many thought the highly-anticipated show would be actually already be on the air by this time, but the network decided to put it through some rewrites before moving forward.

If you’re wondering what The Selection is all about, here’s the scoop. Set in a future 300 years from now, it’s based on the YA novel series of the same name, and centers on a young working class girl who is selected by lottery to compete against 25 other women for a prince’s hand in marriage and eventually become queen. (Think The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor).

Although it has a pilot order, that still doesn’t necessarily mean it will be put through to series. The Selection‘s original pilot was filmed with Friday Night Lights star Aimee Teegarden in the main role, but it’s not known if she’ll be returning for the revamped version.

This is just another YA novel coming to the small screen, as it was just reported that FOX put a pilot order in for a series based on the Delirium book trilogy. According to TVLine, the pilot episode for the potential FOX series was penned by Karyn Usher who produced and wrote for Prison Break and Bones. Based on Lauren Oliver‘s series, Delirium is about a society that has basically banned love, and a main character who falls hard right before she is to have a procedure that would prevent her from ever doing so.

Are you glad The Selection got a pilot order? Would you tune in? Sound off in the comments.

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