The Secret Circle Preview: Are the Circle’s Powers About to Start Raging Out of Control?

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The CW

If you tuned into the The Secret Circle‘s pilot ep last week, you know this show is already really amazing, aka super intense. And this week in episode 2 “Bound,” it gets more intense as the circle starts to see that their powers are really getting out of control.

Diana and Melissa both agree that they’ll need to bind their powers, but of course, Faye is totally on the opposite side of the fence. Think she’ll stop the circle from being about to perform a bounding ceremony?

Watch this preview for tonight’s ep and tell us what you think!

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The Secret Circle is on tonight at 9pm on The CW! Are you excited for the second episode? Do you think the circle will finally come together and bind their powers? Think Cassie will really be able to stay away? Sound off in the comments!

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