The Secret Circle Recap: The 5 Bewitching Scenes From Last Night’s Pilot Episode!

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In last night’s pilot episode of The Secret Circle, we meet Cassie Blake, a typical high school student with magical powers. Okay, scratch that. Cassie is not your typical teen at all. And that, ladies and gents, is why The Secret Circleis one of our fave new shows.

Have no idea what it’s about? Read on for our bewitching recap of the pilot…

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But first, a little background. After losing her mom in a freak “accident,” Cassie goes to live with her grandma in a small town in Washington called Chance Harbor. And this is where everything in Cassie’s life really starts to change. See below for deets:

Bewitching Scene #1: Cassie’s home catches on fire with her mother Amelia trapped inside. Cassie’s mom may have died in one of the freakiest ways ever. Why? Because even though no average person would ever know, Amelia was actually murdered. Charles (we’ll explain more about him in a bit) shows up in front of the house and begins lighting matches which causes the house to go up in flames. Oddly enough, Charles never actually even touches the house or throws lit matches at it.

Bewitching Scene #2: It’s Cassie’s first day at Chance Harbor High. The first people she meets are Faye and Melissa, two of the six Secret Circle witches. But this isn’t just your average meet, Faye manages to help Cassie open her locker by using her powers and it seems like Cass already suspects something weird is going on. There’s a buzz about Cassie from the moment she gets there cause everyone’s been waiting for her arrival.

Bewitching Scene #3: Cassie meets Adam’s (Secret Circle witch) dad at a restaurant, and he starts saying how their families destiny is written in the stars (aka Adam and Cassie are meant to be together). While she’s there, Faye and Melissa show up and Faye keeps pushing Adam on Cassie. When Cassie gets annoyed and walks away to her car, Faye decides to “test” Cassie’s powers. She makes Cassie’s car go on fire, but Adam comes to the rescue and puts it out. At this point, Cass still knows nothing about being a witch so is super confused.

Bewitching Scene #4: All freaked out about all the “weird” things that have been happening to her, Cassie runs in to town to search for her grandmother. She bumps into Charles, who happens to be Diana’s (another Secret Circle witch) dad and tells her he knew her mom very well. Diana is able to notice the stress in Cassie’s face and takes her to an abandoned house where Cassie finally finds out about this whole Secret Circle thing. Her response? She wants nothing to do with the whole thing, but she ends up doing magic with Adam in a really awesome way.

Bewitching Scene #5: Faye is totally out of control and wants to do magic whenever, wherever so she ends up building a storm she can’t stop. The only one who’s actually able to stop it is…Cassie. Cassie is actually the most powerful Secret Circle witch of them all. And it turns out this is the reason Charles and Gwen (Faye’s mom) wanted Cassie to come to Chance Harbor. Oh yea and if you didn’t notice, these two planned her mom’s murder.

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