The Secret Circle Recap: The 5 Bewitching Scenes From Last Night’s Ep!

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The CW

On last week’s episode of The Secret Circle, we started hearing about someone named Heather who just so happened to be BFFs with Cassie’s mom Amelia. What we didn’t know was just what had happened to Heather that made Zachary so angry.

Well, wonder no more cause on last night’s ep “Heather,” we got our answer. This was probs one of the freakiest TSC eps we’ve seen so far.

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Bewitching Scene #1: Cassie finds out that her mother cast a spell on Heather 16 years ago. So as it turns out, Heather really didn’t die during that infamous boat accident. What did happen to Heather was that Amelia put her under a spell that has kept her completely paralyzed for the last 16 years. When Cassie goes with Adam to visit Heather, she sees the condition Heather is in and decides to “help” her by undoing the spell Amelia cast.

Bewitching Scene #2: Adam and Cassie get together to create the potion needed to undo the spell. After seeing Heather, Cassie thinks undoing the spell will not only make Heather better, but will also get her answers to what happened on the boat that night. Although Adam is on board to help her, Diana doesn’t think it’s a good idea and tells him he’s not allowed to help. So who does Cassie end up turning to? Faye, who of course is more than willing to be part of it.

Bewitching Scene #3: Faye and Cassie go back to Heather’s and undo the spell. Cassie and Faye start performing the spell, but nothing happens. Until Cassie and Faye leave that is. Heather comes out of her paralyzed state and ends up attacking her brother. She looks like a total evil psycho and we weren’t sure why until…

Bewitching Scene #4: Heather shows up at Cassie’s house and chaos begins! Heather shows up frantically searching for Amelia and when she finds out she’s dead and that Cassie is her daughter, she starts to spill some deets about that night. The spell Amelia placed on Heather was to help save her from a demon that had entered her body the night of the boat fire. Undoing the spell turned out to be the worse thing Cassie has done thus far cause Heather ends up attacking Faye and Cassie. Heather also warns Cassie that wherever witches are, evil follows. Guess the circle will never truly be safe.

Bewitching Scene #5: Heather gets run over by a car and the demon is released from her body. We meet and lose Heather in the same ep, which sucks cause she had a ton of answers Cassie and the rest of the circle needed. But an even worse part about Heather dying is that the demon is now on the loose. It winds up going in Nick’s jacket pocket and while Nick and Melissa are asleep, it goes inside Melissa. NOT a good thing!