The Secret Circle Recap: The 5 Bewitching Scenes From Last Night’s Ep!

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The Secret Circle

The CW

Living in a really small town must be great. Everyone knows your secrets, your parents secrets and everyone else’s secrets… Awesome. Last night on The Secret Circle‘s third episode, “Loner,” the witchy clique’s secret came to light. Sort of. There’s this new guy we’ve never seen before who was like best friends with Cassie’s mom, and he was not happy.

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Bewitching Scene #1: Meet Zachary Larson, a man with a plan… to kill at least one new witch. Cassie runs into some random guy we’ve never seen before and it turns out he’s not so random after all. Zachary was actually one of Amelia’s (Cassie’s mom) besties before she got involved with the other witches. He right away knows who Cassie is and grabs her with so much force she’s unable to escape until Diana and her do magic to push him off. Wrong move! This let Zachary know that a new circle had form and their powers were probs already bound.

Bewitching Scene #2: Faye tries to figure out a way to unbind her powers. Oh, our dear little rebel Faye! She just doesn’t seem to learn that it’s too dangerous for each of them to have their powers unbound. Although, after her run-in with Zachary, we can see why sometimes solo powers are necessary. Zachary shows up at the abandoned house and tries to attack Faye cause he’s figured out she’s also a witch. But, Faye manages to get away in time. Phew!

Bewitching Scene #3: Sally is starting to suspect something really weird is going on. Thanks to Faye’s mom, Sally doesn’t exactly remember what happened the night she was nearly killed by Faye but she knows something is off. She tells Cassie she sometimes gets like these weird flashbacks of Faye from that night and has a feeling there’s some sort of connection. Sally, you’re spot on! Later, Sally notices the huge mess left behind in the hall and the look on her face is priceless. Think she’ll figure out that there’s been some witchcraft happening in the halls of Chance Harbor?

Bewitching Scene #4: Charles (Diana’s dad) and Gwen (Faye’s mom) kidnap Zachary and Gwen “marks” him. The most evil pair of witches strike again. Fearing that Zachary might ruin their plan (you know, the one we still don’t know about), Gwen and Charles kidnap Zachary and throw him in the trunk of the car. When it’s finally revealed that he’s in there and still alive (shocker!), Gwen does some magic to “mark” him. In case you missed it, this means Gwen basically put a tracker on the guy. What a way to stalk!

Bewitching Scene #5: Cassie and Adam can’t seem to fight off their cosmic connection. We all know Cassie and Adam’s family are, like, “destined” to be with one another and lately this pull seems to have gotten stronger. Diana starts to suspect that they have a thing for each other, but Cassie promises she would never come between them. If these two are pulled beyond their control, we don’t think she’ll be able to keep this promise for long.