From Awful Kisses to Cheating S.O.s, The Secret Circle Cast’s Worst ~Love~ Stories

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We’ve talked about first kisses a bunch — particularly for the casts of Shadowhunters, Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, etc. — but it’s rare for us to delve into worst kisses. And, let us tell ya, those stories are FAR juicier, especially when you throw sex into the mix.

From awful AF smooches to cheating fiancees, here are the worst ~love~ tales from the cast of one of your all-time favorite (sadly, canceled) TV series, The Secret Circle:

Britt Robertson — During the press circuit for Britt’s film, The First Time, co-starring her real-life boyfriend, Dylan O’Brien, the blonde beauty was quizzed about a bunch of her firsts, including her first kiss… and it sounds horrible! “The guy, like, pretended that we didn’t kiss,” she spilled to Hollywire. “He told everyone that we didn’t, that I was, like, making it up. So it was, like, traumatizing.” What. A. Jerk.

Thomas Dekker — TD was far from subtle when asked about his past relationships. “I’ve only really had relationships with women,” he told Out magazine. “But I’m certainly not closed to it. If there are possibilities of being able to do anything in life, why would you say you would never take any up? In the later chunk of my teen years, I was so all over the place with sex. It was terrible. I never really had a real relationship at all. During puberty, it’s all about sex and it’s all about figuring yourself out. I think I overdid it when I was younger.”

Shelley Hennig — There are a bunch of negative side effects to fame, and people claiming how close they are to you can be one of ’em. The Teen Wolf star told Seventeen, “After I was crowned Teen USA, guys I had supposedly made out with came out of the woodwork!”

Chris Zylka — Chris is known to be quite vocal about his breakups. (Remember when he & Lucy Hale called it quits? Yikes.) His split from fiancee Hanna Beth was one of the worst times. “When someone’s boyfriend shows up at her house with flowers while you’re in that someone’s bed,” he tweeted. “Don’t get involved with them.” To clarify, he added, “[I]t was in the bed and the guy from Boy London was with the flowers. Pink flowers to be exact.” *cringes forever*


We STILL can’t believe The Secret Circle — like all these shows — ended the way it did: