The Secret Circle Recap: The 5 Bewitching Scenes From Last Night’s Ep!

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Ah, who doesn’t love a good ol’ chem class. Especially when it’s a class full of witches testing out their abilities. On last night’s “Bound” ep of The Secret Circle, each and every one of the circle peeps realized that their powers are not only stronger than they knew, but also really hard to control. And when emotions come into play, things get even more out of hand.

Wanna know what went down last night? Keep reading!

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Bewitching Scene #1: Faye causes a fire in chem class and Cassie makes the sun shine bright. We all know Faye is, well, guess we’ll call her hard-headed for now. She wants do whatever she wants and starts to “test” out her powers during chem class. Faye ends up blowing up Cassie’s beaker and lighting up a fire right before Cassie’s eyes. And although Cassie says she wants nothing to do with this witch stuff, she starts to test out her own powers at home and manages to bring out the sun which shines brighter than ever.

Bewitching Scene #2: Ethan calls on an elder. This elder happens to be Faye’s gramps, Henry. Henry and his circle were the ones who took away Ethan’s circle’s (you know, these kids’ parents) powers, so he was surprised to hear that Charles was able to do magic on Ethan. Henry’s plan? Figure out if the kids already know about their witch ancestry and find out how Charles is able to do magic.

Bewitching Scene #3: Faye kills Sally, but she’s not dead. Still not realizing how powerful she is, Faye ends up pushing Sally so hard that she lands on a pile of rocks and dies. But since Gwen took back the powerful crystal from Charles, she managed to bring the girl back to life. Lucky you, Faye. Mama didn’t want you living with a guilty conscience.

Bewitching Scene #4: Gwen gives her daddy-in-law Henry a heart attack. We’re not too sure if our fave elder is dead, but we do know Gwen cast a magic spell to give him a heart attack. Why? Henry was getting ready to head out and tell the other elders about the new set of witches, and Gwen didn’t like that idea very much. Also, did anyone else notice that Henry said it was a bad idea for the new circle to bind their powers?! We’re so confused as to why that is.

Bewitching Scene #5: Binding ritual takes place at midnight on the beach. After the whole incident with Sally, everyone’s convinced that Diana’s right and the circle’s powers need to be bound. So they all head out to perform the binding ritual which will bring together everyone’s powers. Do they succeed? We’re gonna go with yes.

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