Where Are They Now? The Cast of The Parent Trap, 20 Years Later!

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Wait, what!? How has it been 20 years since The Parent Trap was first released!? We seriously remember growing up with the film but never thought it originally came out in 1998. Ugh, we’re def getting old.

Honestly, TPC is one of the best Disney movies to ever come out (sorry, Lizzie McGuire). Not only is the plot — two twins are separated at birth and one goes to live with their father and one with their mother and are never told about each other — super cute and funny, but it also gave us the young Lindsay Lohan who we were absolutely OB-SESEED with. It also gave us the character of Meredith Blake, who was one of the most iconic villains to date. If you couldn’t already tell, we love The Parent trap SO much.

But in the past 20 years, what has the cast been up to? We know a ton about the former redhead, obviously, since she’s making headlines every week. But what about the other cast members? Here’s what they’re up to today: