New Originals Ad Throws Serious Shade at Pretty Little Liars

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Shade has officially been thrown! In a new ad for the CW's freshman show The Originals, they poke a little bit of fun at they're biggest competition — Pretty Little Liars. Now, the ad itself is pretty tame, but using PLL's signature black and red coloring, as well as the whole "A" thing, they ask viewers: "Is 'A' making you Angry? Agitated?" (You can watch the full ad HERE.)

Then they add, "Maybe the Answer is on Another channel." The ad has clips from the show, and urges fans to tune in and tweet about the show. It also mentions that their show is "Absolutely badass," and adds that it's the most popular new broadcast show among social media.

Now, everybody knows that the whole social media thing is TOTALLY PLL's thing — they're constantly breaking new Twitter records — so it's interesting to see that they'd use that angle. They really went there with this T.V. spot! It comes off as kind of a low blow, however, we do have to admit that the ABC Family show is starting to get more and more confusing as the week's go on. So maybe they thought this ad would really resonate with fans?

What do YOU think of this ad for The Originals? Did they take things too far? Or are they just having a little fun? Start the debate in the comments section!

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